Getting Started


Install Motion UI with npm or Bower.

npm install motion-ui --save
bower install motion-ui --save

Sass Usage

To import the Sass files into a project, add the load path [modules_folder]/motion-ui/src to your Sass configuration, then @import the library:

@import 'motion-ui';

Autoprefixer is required to use this library. The library uses unprefixed transition and animation properties, which are then prefixed by Autoprefixer.

The library includes two mixins which export all of the default CSS for the framework. This includes:

@include motion-ui-transitions;
@include motion-ui-animations;

CSS Usage

The package files also include these pre-made classes as a standalone CSS file, in minified and unminified flavors.

JavaScript Usage

The package includes a small JavaScript library to help you transition elements in and out using Motion UI classes. It can be referenced as a browser global or a CommonJS/AMD package. Like the CSS, there’s uncompressed and compressed versions included.

Refer to the full JavaScript documentation to learn more about how the JS library works.