WOW.js Integration

Motion UI can be paired with WOW.js to trigger animations as elements scroll into view. Here’s a CodePen that illustrates the concepts below.

To start, load the JavaScript for WOW.js. The quickest way to do this is by loading from a CDN:

<script src=""></script>

Next, in your main JavaScript file, initialize WOW:

var wow = new WOW();

Lastly, we need animation classes to add to elements. Because Motion UI is a transition-focused library, there aren’t many animation classes that come out of the box. The built-in animation classes are .wiggle, .shake, .spin-cw, and .spin-ccw. However, creating out own animation class using any of the transition effects is easy, using Motion UI’s Sass mixins.

Here’s a basic fade class. Refer to the documentation on animations to learn more about how animations are built.

.animate-fade-in {
  @include mui-animation(fade);

Now we can apply this class to any element. We also add the class .wow, so WOW knows which elements to target as the page scrolls.

<img class="wow animate-fade-in" src="//">